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Fall news

2013 Posted on 2013-10-27 14:01

Last weekend we made a trip to Uppsala. Hopefully this will result in puppies at Christmas time. The Puppy page will be updated with all info. During our stay, Fira and I visited Lotta and her dogs – Malla (SL Non Violence) & Nelson (SL Saint John The Divine). Thanks for your hospitality! The picture above was taken at our Sunday-morning-walk in the forest.

This weekend we went to Mjölby for SSRK Östergötland’s show. Fira went BOB and recieved her 7th Swedish cac. She also recieved her CHAMPION-title! So pleased over what she has archieved soo far – excellent and CK at all entries, 3 CACIB, 9 CAC, 4 reserve-cac.

12-months old Sugar Loaf White House was also entered at the show in Mjölby, he recieved his first cac and went BOS and BOS-BIS-4.

In Italy Sugar Loaf Ulysses Simpson Grant has recieved his first cac and BOB, and in England Sugar Loaf Washington has be winning some BEST-PUPPY-IN-BREED. Congratulations to both!


2013 Posted on 2013-08-25 11:21

Fira – NO V-2012 NO JV-2012 Sugar Loaf Celibris – 3rd best bitch with CACIB at NKK Bryn yesterday. (Photo Hans-Arne Paulson)

Lizzie – Sugar Loaf Monday In Santa Rosa – BOB Cert at SSRK Gustavsberg yesterday. Congratulations to Eva Larsson!

1 weekend 3 countries 4 dogs

2013 Posted on 2013-08-19 16:56


NO JW-2012 NO W-2012 Sugar Loaf Celebris BOB with cac & Cacib
SE J W-2012Sugar Loaf Belle Epoque excellent & 2nd

DKK International Rönne Sunday
SE J W-2012Sugar Loaf Belle Epoque BOS with cac & Cacib
NO JW-2012 NO W-2012 Sugar Loaf Celebris 2nd best bitch r-cac & r-CACIB

Welsh KC Championship show
Sugar Loaf Washington for Whissgig – 1st Best Puppy Males

SKK Norrköping
Sugar Loaf Air & Space 2nd best bitch r-cac

SKK Nyköping
Sugar Loaf Air & Space 2nd best bitch r-cac

Club Show 2013

2013 Posted on 2013-08-06 11:31

High Chaparall, Småland Sweden – Judge Marie Engström.

Really nice to meet all, and we are pleased with our results
BEST IN SHOW BREEDER GROUP with our bitches from 4 combinations and age between 9 months and 10,5 years.

…From left –
Belle (SL Belle Epoque) who was 1st Open Class bitches
Malla (SL Non Violence) the Winner of Champion Class bitches and 2nd best bitch, BEST BITCH progency group
Chelsea (SL Air & Space) that went 5th in Junior class bitches,
Curry (SL Toscana) – today’s BEST IN SHOW Veteran

Other results-
House (SL White House)- 2nd in Junior Class males
Knott (SL Hertig Knut) – BIS-Reserve Veteran
Flannery (Celtic’s Lucky Charm) – BIS reserve Intermediate

Thanks to all that helped to handle our dogs and to all that came and showed our breedings! It was a pleasure to see 13,5 years old Via (Clumbrolds Option) in the ring. Unforunally we missed Alex – SL Let’s Go Lightnings brag in Cocos Cup at Friday.

Congratulations to Libells/Clussexx that was BEST IN SHOW and all other Winners.

Hope to see all (and some more) next year!


2013 Posted on 2013-06-11 23:33

First outdoor show 2013. 7 clumbers entered for Nils Molin. Knott went BOB and BOB- veteran, and House BOB-puppy, and Fira BOS with cac and CACIB. Our breeder group 1 with price of honor. Thanks to Eva for coming with Lizzie and Ulrika for excellent handling!

In Russia Sugar Loaf Diamond Bleu finished his RussCH by going BEST IN SHOW! We are soo proud! Seven BOB and grouplacements in seven shows, 2 BIS placements and still not two years!

We have also recieved some new health results

Sugar Loaf Tivoli – PDP1 – clear

Sugar Loaf Marimba – hips B/C and ED 0

Sugar Loaf Demoiselle hips B and ED 0


2013 Posted on 2013-05-05 19:01

Finally spring, daylight until late evenings, and a lot of long walks.

Hugs to friends and offsprings around! Soo proud over all brags around the globe

A new brag

2013 Posted on 2013-04-14 14:09

Gisela & Sugar Loaf Air & Space fortsätter sitt segertåg i valpklasserna. Denna helgen var de på Dalarnas Kennelklubbs valp & veteran utställning och slutade som BIS-3.



2013 Posted on 2013-04-09 19:04

This Weekend SSRK Västra held their two day show in Kungsbacka. We were happy that so many of our breedings participated, and want to thank you all for coming. It was really pleasing to see soo many in the “Washington”-litter again.

Gisela & 5 month old Sugar Loaf Air & Space looked fabulous in the ring and went BOB & BEST-IN-SHOW-puppy 2 both days. Congratulations!

Our girls did well Fira – Sugar Loaf Celebris recived CAC both days. At sunday she went BOB. 12-month old Flannery – Celtics’s Lucky Charm was only showed at Saturday and recieved a lovely critique and reserve cac.

Fira’s siblings have had great success around – Nicolas SL Comtes de Champagne have taken severals BOB and a BIG-2 in Australia and Katja & Bounty – SL Fleur de Champagne another group placement in Russia. Soo proud over their archievments!smiley

Happy Eastern & Happy Birthday!

2012 Posted on 2013-03-31 20:00

Times fly and our Flannery turn 1 year. Happy birthday young lady!

Eastern have been a lovely weekend with friends visiting and a lot of long walks. Chris and Carol came all the way from England with Balder. We are happy to have him home and also happy that his visit have give result. 7 offsprings born, and more will come. Wish them the best for the future.

March has been a good month the siblings Sugar Loaf Fleur de Champagne and Sugar Loaf Comtes de Champagne. Both have got a BIG-2 the latest weeks, one in Russia and one in Australia. So proud over their archievments!smiley

SKK has published Breeder of the year and we are currently at place 18. Even if it doesn’t last it’s a little fun!

In Australia Knott’s son Boroniahil Balhtazar have had a successful period and is currently #1 clumber.

We looking forward to SSRK Kungsbacka next weekend, there will be a lot of clumbers!

A lot of activities…

2013 Posted on 2013-03-04 19:10

smileyThis weekend it was time for Beckis to move to his

new family kennel Whissgig in England.

We wish them best luck, and looking forward to a visit in the future.

In Russia Katya have been showing her clumbers Bounty (SL Fleur de Champagne) and Burton at Saturday Bounty went BOB and BIG-3. Judge Annika Ulltviet-Moe.

Both Saturday and Sunday they were placed in BRACE class. We are so proud. Congratulations!

At Sunday I went to SSRK Smålands show in Moheda with some dogs. We had a great day.

House – SL Washington made his debute in Puppy 4-6 months, and was BOB and BEST IN SHOW Puppy.

Our young american Flannery – Celtic’s Lucky Charm was 2nd best bitch with CaC, Belle – SL Belle Epoque 3rd Best bitch with reserve cac and the oldie Ch SL Toscana was best veteran. All with excellent CK.

Thanks to Kristina / Maria for the picture.

Today we recieved health results for our young bitches. SL Celebris has hips FCI-A and elbows – 0, and SL Belle Epoque hips – FCI-B and elbows 0.

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