At Saturdays tracking test with 6 clumbers and 4 field spaniels participing the Sugar Loaf Clumbers had quit great success:

1st Robin – Sugar Loaf Sherwood

2nd Alex – Sugar Loaf Let’s Go Lightning

3rd Helge – Sugar Loaf Navy Pier.

At ClumberMästerskapen (hunting) also held this weekend Alex was best Novis dog.

In Open class Robin was 2nd and Helge 3rd.

Big congratulations to Lena & Anders and the boys!smiley

Last weekend we went to SSRK’s show in Gustavsberg. Eva Larsson’s Lizzie – Sugar Loaf Monday in Santa Rosa made her debute in the official class by goining BEST BITCH with cac, beaten by Hjalmar in BOB.

From Norway we have recieved health results. Meliss – Sugar Loaf Miss Esmeralda has been x-rayed, hips B/C and elbows 0