Times fly and our Flannery turn 1 year. Happy birthday young lady!

Eastern have been a lovely weekend with friends visiting and a lot of long walks. Chris and Carol came all the way from England with Balder. We are happy to have him home and also happy that his visit have give result. 7 offsprings born, and more will come. Wish them the best for the future.

March has been a good month the siblings Sugar Loaf Fleur de Champagne and Sugar Loaf Comtes de Champagne. Both have got a BIG-2 the latest weeks, one in Russia and one in Australia. So proud over their archievments!smiley

SKK has published Breeder of the year and we are currently at place 18. Even if it doesn’t last it’s a little fun!

In Australia Knott’s son Boroniahil Balhtazar have had a successful period and is currently #1 clumber.

We looking forward to SSRK Kungsbacka next weekend, there will be a lot of clumbers!