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My Dog 2013

2013 Posted on 2013-01-05 12:14

Så stolt över vår uppfödargrupp som placerade sig BIS-3 på MY DOG – 2. Gruppen bestod av: Ch Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut, SE Jun W-2012 Sugar Loaf Belle Epoque, Sugar Loaf Gamme Tsarinne, Norsk W-2012 Norsk Jun W-2012 Sugar Loaf Celebris.

Domare: Mia Sandgren


2012 Posted on 2012-12-31 16:08

During 2012 we have seen our puppies born 2011 develop.

NORDJW-11 Sugar Loaf Maya of Tikal have been rather succesful in England, with one BOS and cac from My dog and several class wins and one reserve cc. Her sister Sugar Loaf Monday in Santa Rosa was shown ones and recieved BOS and cac. The 3 sisters in Norway are loved pets and have been climbing in montains and discovering other adventures.

4 of the puppies in the champagne litter have been showed around the world and have archieved group placements etc. So proud over their titles Rus Jun Ch Sugar Loaf Fleur de Champagne, Aust Ch Sugar Loaf Comtes de Champagne, Norw W-2012 Norw J W-2012 Sugar Loaf Celebris, Swed J W-2012 Sugar Loaf Belle Epoque.

Sugar Loaf Let’s Go Lightning have been showed with excellent and have also started to archieve hunting and tracking merits.

We also have two new champions – SE U(U)CH Micklemess Sugar’n Spice and SE U(U)CH Sugar Loaf Non Violence.

Knott made his debute in veteran class and his offsprings around the world continue to be successful in the show ring.

Balder has temporary moved to England

During the fall we have welcomed Celtic’s Lucky Charm from USA, so happy to have her here. We have also welcomed lovely litter of 7.

We wish all clumber friends and the breed a great 2013!


2012 Posted on 2012-12-09 08:25

We are happy to announce that SUGAR LOAF COMTES DE CHAMPAGNE has become AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION!

Well done Donna a& Nicolassmiley

Shows and so much more…

2012 Posted on 2012-11-26 10:18

This weekend I took a quick trip to Norway with Fira & Tulipa to attend Norweigan winner show. Both got lovely critiques by Tarja Hovila and was awarded with excellent & CK. Fira went best bitch and is now known as Norw W12 Norw JW12 Sugar Loaf Celebris. She also got cac (STOR CERT) and Tulipa was 2nd with CACIB. Congratulations to Anita and Libells Crazy Diamond BOB! And thanks to Viktoria for the photo and help with handling!

In Australia Nicolas (Fira’s Brother) took 3 BOB over 3 days. Congratulations!

Also congratulations to Knott’s daughter Merrows Coluseum that shows both brain & beauty. She is now TJH & SE U(u)CH. Well done!

Balder (SL Tivoli) has arrived saftly to England and we wish him a good stay with Chris & Carol at kennel Micklemess!

Our babies growing and enjoy to discover the world.

Welcome Flannery

2012 Posted on 2012-11-04 11:17

We are happy to welcome Celtic’s Lucky Charm by BISS USGrCh Cajun’s A Change Is Gonna Come & USCH Celtic Shewlyn Hole In One.

Many Thanks to Kathy McGriff & Cindy Breezes for this lovely girl!

October news

2012 Posted on 2012-10-25 17:08

At Tuesday, October 23 Malla (SL Non Violence) gave birth to 7 puppies. She is such a good mother and take excellent care of them. We looking forward to see them grow.

We are soo pleased over Donna & Nicolas (SL Comtes de Champange) that have been out and recieved a lot of winns and points in Austalia, including one BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW, CONGRATULATIONS!

Carol and Maya (NordJV-11 Sugar Loaf Maya of Tikal) have been winning several classes in England, including Limited Class at The Clumber Spaniel Club’s Championship Show. Congratulations!

Anders & Lena have been out in the field with their boys again with good results both Hälge(Sugar Loaf Navy Pier) and Alex (Sugar Loaf Let’s Go Lightning) were approved at Water retrieving test. Anders and Hälge has also participated in Novis class (hunting) with success. Congratulations!

SKK Sofiero

2012 Posted on 2012-09-10 22:33

Tack alla för en trevlig dag på SKK Sofiero!

14 clumbrar anmälda, två uppfödargrupper och två avelsgrupper, jättekul med sådan uppslutning!

Bland hanarna vann segervane Hjalmar – Ch Minglas Gubben I Lådan som också var BIR och Grupp-4. Grattis! 2a bästa hane Balder – Ch Sugar Loaf Tivoli.

Våra fina juniortikar vann först sin klass och toppade sedan bästa tik. Idag var det Belle – Sugar Loaf Belle Epoque som vann och tog cert och BIM och Fira – Sugar Loaf Celebris 2:a med reservcert.

Curry – Ch Sugar Loaf Toscana fick Excellent & CK i veteranklassen och blev därmed BIR veteran.

Vår uppfödargrupp fick HP och jättefin kritik och blev Bästa Uppfödargrupp!

Knott, som ligger i vila inför veterandebuten deltog med avelsgrupp, även den fick HP och blev Bästa Grupp med sina avkommor från kennel Merrow och vår egen Balder.

Slutligen ett stort grattis till Maya – Sugar Loaf Maya of Tikal, som vann klassen vid sin debut i Limited i England!

Various results

2012 Posted on 2012-09-02 19:49

At Saturdays tracking test with 6 clumbers and 4 field spaniels participing the Sugar Loaf Clumbers had quit great success:

1st Robin – Sugar Loaf Sherwood

2nd Alex – Sugar Loaf Let’s Go Lightning

3rd Helge – Sugar Loaf Navy Pier.

At ClumberMästerskapen (hunting) also held this weekend Alex was best Novis dog.

In Open class Robin was 2nd and Helge 3rd.

Big congratulations to Lena & Anders and the boys!smiley

Last weekend we went to SSRK’s show in Gustavsberg. Eva Larsson’s Lizzie – Sugar Loaf Monday in Santa Rosa made her debute in the official class by goining BEST BITCH with cac, beaten by Hjalmar in BOB.

From Norway we have recieved health results. Meliss – Sugar Loaf Miss Esmeralda has been x-rayed, hips B/C and elbows 0

Club Show 2012 – Bästa uppfödargrupp för 3e året i rad

2012 Posted on 2012-08-05 18:03

Just hemkomna från några härliga dagar i Västerås där årets Club Show hållits i helgen.

Vi är stolta över att vår uppfödargrupp utsågs till BÄSTA GRUPP för 3:e året i rad.

Vår avelsgrupp efter Tulipa var bästa tikgrupp & BIS-R.

Några övriga resultat för våra uppfödningar och hundar:

Vinnare i öppen klass hanar och 2:a bästa hane var Nelson – Sugar Loaf Saint John The Divine – Stort Grattis till Lotta Olsson.

I Championklass hanar, med ett starkt startfält tog Balder – Sugar Loaf Tivoli en 4:e plats.

Våra juniortikar toppade sin klass. Bäst var Fira – Sugar Loaf Celebris, 2:a Belle – Sugar Loaf Belle Epoque och 4:a Fia – Sugar Loaf Gamme Tsarinne.

I Championklass tikar, dagens största och starkaste klass var vår engelska tik Nanna – Micklemess Sugar’N Spice 3:a och Malla – Sugar Loaf Non Violence 5:a.

I bästa tik placerade sig Nanna 5:a.

Slutligen stort grattis till BIS önskar vi Kristina och hennes Hjalmar – Minglas Gubben I Lådan!smiley

New health results

2012 Posted on 2012-07-23 09:10

We are happy to announce that Sugar Loaf Comtes de Champagne has been x-rayed – Hips A, Elbows – clear.


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